Areas of Practice


Corrin has extensive experience handling all types of divorces ranging from a simple, non-contested divorce to a complex, large estate divorce involving alimony, separation of retirement accounts, and business valuations. Corrin also has experience with military divorces.

Child Custody/Child Support

Whether it is an initial child custody determination, a post-divorce child custody matter, or a child custody relocation matter, Corrin has you covered. Child support also goes hand-in-hand with child custody matters, and Corrin's knowledge of the Tennessee Child Support Rules and Regulations will provide you with sound legal advice. 


If you have a stepparent adoption, adult adoption, or related adoption, you want to make sure the adoption is performed with the care and diligence.  Tennessee adoption laws are extremely demanding; it's imperative to retain a competent, experienced attorney to properly handle this most sensitive matter.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Corrin provides a sophisticated craft agreement to protect assets and estates in the most sensitive arrangement.  These agreements provide clarity and protection, not only for the parties entering into the agreement, but also for the parties' children and heirs.  

General Litigation

Corrin practices general litigation and handles matters ranging from contract disputes, lease negotiations, construction disputes, detainer actions, and personal injury.

Appellate Practice

If your case is appealed after trial, you will need a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney to handle your case on appeal.